Improve Academic Performance

The Brain Workshop works with students of all ages and ability levels to improve academic performance. With students struggling to cope with schoolwork, lagging behind their peers. With those who are fairing within average and need this one extra push to put them on the higher end of the scale, and with advanced students who are already doing well and aspire to achieve even higher results and excel further.

Help for Struggling Students

There are many students who struggle to learn even with adequate instruction. The root cause is often a cognitive processing problem that, when left undiagnosed result in poor academic performance, frustration, and low self-esteem.

The problem can also cause relationships with family and peers to suffer. If something is not done to correct these deficiencies, the effects could impact future education and vocational choices, as well as future earning power.

The Brain Workshop’s unique program identifies and trains the specific cognitive skills weaknesses of each individual, making it the perfect tool to help the struggling student improve academic performance  The program focuses on enhancing and improving those skills that have the biggest impact on learning, by directly strengthening the deficient cognitive skills that relate to the learning problem.

Individual testing allows training to be optimized for each student. Once the weakness is identified and specific training is applied, the student begins to experience measurable improvement almost immediately.

Tutoring VS Brain Training

The dilemma that parents often find themselves in ; should I hire a tutor or a brain trainer for my child?

Here are a few things to consider that should help you come to the right conclusion

Three things Brain Training  does that Tutoring doesn’t

1 Treats the Root Cause:

The Brain Workshop strengthens the weak skills that researchers say are behind the majority of learning and reading struggles. In fact, 8 out of 10 students who struggle in school do so because of weak cognitive skills.

2 Provides Transferable Gains:

The Brain Workshop is an alternative to paying for tutoring year after

year. That’s because doing our brain training now will improve how the brain performs in every topic and class for years to come.

3 Literally Changes the Brain:

New studies are continually being released proving that intense mental exercise creates changes in the brain for improved performance. Our brain training delivers intense mental exercise two ways for maximum results.

If your child is behind on classroom content because of the flu, because a string of substitutes replaced a teacher on maternity leave, or because construction workers nearby were operating jackhammers all month long, hire a tutor.

Tutoring reteaches information that wasn’t grasped the first time around. That means if circumstances have interfered with the delivery of information to your child, hiring someone to redeliver that information is a great solution. But if information was delivered well the first time around and your child is still struggling, you don’t need a tutor. You need a brain trainer!

Here’s a check list to help you decide if you should hire a Tutor or a Brain Trainer?

Read both lists and check the box next to any statement that applies.

List A

Your son or daughter…

  • is struggling as a result of missing classes due to illness or vacation.
  • is struggling as a result of moving to a new school, or relocating frequently.
  • is struggling in a single class due to poor presentation of information (inexperienced or absent teacher, missing class materials, etc.).
  • shows a special gifting or passion, and you want someone knowledgeable in that subject to tutor your child at an advanced level.
  • catches on right away if a concept needs to be explained a second time.

List B

Your son or daughter…

  • has received tutoring for subjects in which he or she still struggles.
  • is struggling in more than one class.
  • has always disliked or struggled with reading.
  • takes a long time doing homework.
  • has chronically struggled in school or with tests.
  • has to work harder or longer than other kids to achieve good grades.
  • does well in school and wants an even greater competitive edge in academics.
  • says he or she feels stupid, can’t succeed, or isn’t as smart as other kids.

HIRE A TUTOR if you checked one or more boxes in List A (and none of the boxes in List B).

HIRE A BRAIN TRAINER if you checked one or more boxes in List B (regardless of how few or how many boxes you checked in list A)

Advanced students, click here for more about how Brain Training helps you achieve your goals

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