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What is The Brain Workshop Life Coaching?

In this modern life The Brain Workshop aims to help you not only achieve your brain potential through cognitive skills training, but to take you a step further to help you understand the workings of your MIND through Coaching, and provide you with tools to employ the power of your mind, in order to reach the inner balance that drives your actions in a positive way.

Through monitoring your self-talk you can develop a healthy relationship of self-communication and channel it to create the change you are seeking

We apply a holistic approach to our coaching, realizing that not one size fits all. It is important to fully explore and identify what will work for you.

The Brain Workshop offers continuous support not only to individuals but also families, with ongoing encouragement for parents and parenting coaching sessions. We want to ensure that through collaboration you can unlock your or your child’s mind to create the future that you desire.

Our coaching looks into your inner self, starting at the base level as it delves into ‘You’. It will take you on a journey of self-discovery to unblock any inhibiting factors (emotions or behaviors), and can inevitably allow you to realize the life that you visualize and deserve.

By using various techniques, our coach will work with you to help you reach where you want to be, assist you in improving your life balance, will increase your awareness of the workings of your own mind, and enable you to see and create your own future and feel true fulfillment.

We offer one to one coaching for individuals who are looking to not only live meaningfully but also enhance their lives and reach fulfillment.

About our Coach

Noha is a qualified Cognitive Skills Trainer and is a highly skilled Coach with a wealth of experience who uses a wide range of techniques to help her clients achieve their goals.

She provides one to one coaching for individuals who are looking to not only live meaningfully but also enhance their lives and reach fulfillment.

Noha works with individuals and families, coaching them through the tough and transformational stages of their lives. It is her aim to restore harmony, reduce the effects of past conflicts and restore balance to people’s lives.

Our Vision

You are capable of achieving your dreams, but support is vital in in helping you along the journey of transformation. When you obtain the tools, and feel listened to and encouraged this leads to a greater confidence and sense of self.

Our Mission

Do you ever feel lost, over whelmed or just in need of some support?

At The Brain Workshop we have made it our mission to alleviate this stress. We understand the importance of cherishing the time you have and living a worthwhile and satisfying life.

Through our coaching sessions it is our mission to provide support to you and your family, to reach out to all people and empower them.

With our holistic coaching techniques, we help you gain an in-depth understanding of your mind, take away the blocks that are preventing you from living in serenity and reaching the future that you visualize.

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