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Adult Dyslexia

Many adults with dyslexia whether diagnosed or not, spend a their life struggling, and receive little or no intervention, unaware of the existence of dyslexia help for adults. Dyslexia could be a hidden disability, which may lessen the chances of employment, lead to difficulty on the job, and reduced self-confidence.  Even those who have been diagnosed are likely to struggle with reading or writing in some aspects of their lives. Adult Dyslexia is a specific reading problem in adults that does not indicate low intelligence.  There are many bright and creative individuals with dyslexia.

How to identify if you might have a reading problem in adults? Have a look at the list below and find out if you identify with some or all if these symptoms:

  • You read slowly
  • You had trouble learning how to read when you were in school
  • You often have to read something two or three times before it makes sense
  • You are uncomfortable reading out loud
  • You often omit, transpose, or add letters when you are reading or writing?
  • You still have spelling mistakes in your writing even after Spell Check?
  • You find it difficult to pronounce uncommon multi-syllable words when you are reading
  • You choose to read magazines or short articles rather than longer books and novels
  • You find it extremely difficult to learn a foreign language
  • You avoid work projects or courses that require extensive reading?

If you recognize some or all of these symptoms , you need to receive dyslexia help for adults. In people with reading difficulties, the weakest cognitive skills are phonemic awareness and auditory processing, although other areas may suffer as well.

The Brain Workshop intensive, customized, one-on-one brain-training with a dedicated trainer attacks the root cause of reading difficulties by training, and strengthening these weak skills.

The first step is to administer a Cognitive Skills assessment that takes about an hour and maps out strong and weak skills and pin points problem areas so we can customize the training and provide you with the best results in the least amount of time.

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