Improve Reading Skills

Improve Reading Skills with The Brain Workshop

Reading is a basic skill that opens all doors to knowledge, imagination, and communication. However, for individuals struggling with reading difficulties, the journey to literacy can be full of challenges. At The Brain Workshop, we are committed to helping students improve their reading skills through targeted interventions and personalized support.

Understanding Reading Difficulties

Reading difficulties can present in diverse forms, hindering academic and personal growth. Those people who are struggling with reading are often labeled as “dyslexic,” indicating challenges in language processing and word recognition.

Diagnosing Reading Difficulties

Parents and teachers are often the first to recognize signs of reading problems in children. At The Brain Workshop, we offer professional cognitive skills evaluation using the Gibson Test, which draws on established assessments such as the Woodcock Johnson III Tests of Cognitive Abilities and the Gray Oral Reading Test. This comprehensive evaluation helps pinpoint the exact cognitive skills weaknesses contributing to reading difficulties, including phonemic awareness and auditory processing.

Our Approach

Unlike traditional tutoring, which focuses on specific academic subjects, our specialized reading programs target the root causes of reading struggles by strengthening weak cognitive skills. Through intensive cognitive skills training, particularly in phonemic awareness and auditory processing, we empower students to improve their reading skills effectively.

Symptoms of Reading Difficulties

Identifying signs of reading difficulties at an early stage is crucial. Common symptoms include:

  • Struggling to pronounce new words
  • Difficulty distinguishing between similar-sounding words (e.g., pin vs. pen)
  • Challenges of transferring auditory information to written or visual formats
  • Low reading comprehension

Characteristics of a Struggling Reader

Individuals with reading difficulties may exhibit certain characteristics, including:

  • Family history of reading problems
  • Higher prevalence among males
  • Average or above-average IQ
  • Proficiency in other subjects, such as math, may be unaffected
  • Lack of enjoyment in leisure reading
  • Poor spelling skills
  • Auditory language difficulties, such as word ending, fluency, meaning, or sequence

Take the First Step

If you or your child faces reading challenges, then seeking support isn’t a bad choice. The Brain Workshop offers personalized programs targeting cognitive weaknesses to enhance reading proficiency. Contact us to unlock your potential with improved reading skills.

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