Adult Dyslexia

Understanding Adult Dyslexia

Those adults living with dyslexia often face lifelong struggles with reading and writing, impacting various aspects of their personal and professional lives. Despite the challenges they encounter, many adults with dyslexia remain undiagnosed and unaware of the support and resources available to them. At The Brain Workshop, we offer specialised dyslexia help for adults through intensive, customized brain training interventions. 

Recognizing Dyslexia Symptoms

Identifying dyslexia symptoms in adults is the first step towards seeking appropriate support. Some common signs of adult dyslexia include:

  • Reading tends to be slow, taking more time than average to go through material.
  • Found it challenging to master reading skills during school education.
  • Often have to go over reading material several times to fully understand it.
  • Feel uneasy or awkward when reading out loud.
  • Frequently mix up letters or skip them while reading or writing.
  • Despite relying on spell check, spelling mistakes persistently occur.
  • Encounter difficulty in pronouncing complex, unfamiliar words with multiple syllables.
  • Prefer shorter reading materials over longer ones.
  • Face difficulties when trying to learn foreign languages.
  • Tend to avoid tasks that involve extensive reading.

If you recognize these symptoms in yourself, it may be beneficial to seek dyslexia help for adults to address underlying cognitive challenges.

The Brain Workshop Approach

At The Brain Workshop, we provide personalized support for dyslexia. Our specialists focus on strengthening crucial skills like phonemic awareness and auditory processing through individual sessions. We tailor our approach to address each client’s unique cognitive challenges, aiming to enhance their reading abilities effectively. Trust us to guide you through a targeted journey towards improved literacy and confidence.

Personalized Cognitive Skills Assessment

Our dyslexia support programs begin with a thorough Cognitive Skills assessment, revealing strengths and weaknesses. This insight shapes our tailored brain training, optimizing results quickly. We prioritize individual needs, ensuring every client receives the personalized attention they deserve.

Take Control of Your Dyslexia

Don’t let dyslexia hold you back from reaching your full potential. With specialized dyslexia help for adults from The Brain Workshop, you can overcome reading difficulties and regain confidence in your abilities. Contact us today to schedule a cognitive skills assessment and take the first step towards unlocking your reading potential.

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