ADHD Diet: Foods to Eat and Foods to Avoid

Diet alone i n’t the driving force behind the multiple behavioral and cognitive ymptom that impact children and adult with attention deficit

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Depression and Memory Loss: Does Depression Cause Memory Loss?

When left unmanaged, depre ion affect many cognitive function that contribute to memory, proce ing, attention, concentration, and executive

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Winter Brain: Why Do We Feel Sad and Tired in Winter?

Do you feel tired, irritable, moody, or depre ed during the dreary winter month Well, you are not alone A the day get horter and the

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Tips to Reduce Stress During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Life can be tre ful on even the be t of day The recent COVID-19 global pandemic ha added to thi tre From bu ine e and chool clo ing to

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Tips to Avoid Brain Drain During Extended School Closures

Throughout the UAE, greater MENA region, and acro the world, chool remain clo ed in an attempt to low the pread of the COVID-19 viru While

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How to Stay Healthy, Active, and Mentally Fit in Social Isolation

At thi point in time, we are all impacted by recent e calating global COVID-19 quarantine Now more than ever, it’ important to tay healthy, a

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The Benefits of Brain Training for Corporates

Given the fa t pace of today' competitive global marketplace, now more than ever corporation eek to employ individual who are able to achieve and

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Enhanced Cognitive Ability with Brain Training

The human brain i a marvel From our involuntary function , uch a breathing and blinking, to our voluntary function , uch a peech and emotion,

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Brain Training – What you Need to Know

A we u her in a new year and a new decade, we are often a ked “How can brain training help me or my loved one” Brain training i de igned to

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