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At the very root of reading success- or reading struggle- is an underlying brain skill called auditory processing. In fact, auditory processing is so critical for reading that, according to the Department of Education (USA), weakness in this single cognitive skill accounts for more than 88% of a nations reading problems. This is the skill used to identify and segment sounds, which are critical for reading success.

Neuroscience has proven that through harnessing the brain’s plasticity with a series of intense mental exercises, we can strengthen existing neural connections and even create new ones.

ReadRx is an intensive sound-to-code reading and spelling intervention for ages six to adult. ReadRx includes all BrainRx procedures, auditory processing training, plus basic and complex code reading training. The first half of this program focuses on what we found to be the common weak skills in struggling readers including long- and short-term memory, processing speed, and auditory processing. The second half builds on that foundation with reading and spelling skills.

The Impact Of Brainrx Brain Training On Past Students With Reading Problems And Dyslexia

Reading struggles impact every area of learning and life. Over a six-year period, 2, 112 children and adults came to BrainRx with dyslexia and/or reading struggles. The cognitive performance of these students were measured before and after brain training, paying special attention to the cognitive skills associated with auditory processing, since weak auditory processing is at the root of 85% of reading struggles.

From this we discovered:

  • Among 2, 112 clients who came to us with reading struggles and/or dyslexia, the mean age was 11.9 years, and the largest gains were seen in auditory processing, IQ, long-term memory, and broad attention.
  • Auditory processing skills improved an average of 27 percentile points following BrainRx brain training.
  • The average gain in age-equivalent cognitive skill performance was 3.6 years.
  • IQ scores improved by an average of 13 standard points after BrainRx brain training.

Skills strengthened by ReadRx:

  • Long-Term Memory: Allows you to retain information into the future (listening and taking notes).
  • Processing Speed: Processing Speed allows the brain to perform tasks quickly and accurately.
  • Working Memory: Allows you to retain information while you’re using it.
  • Auditory Processing: Allows the brain to analyze, blend, and segment sounds, and is critical for successful reading.
  • Word Attack (Decoding): Decoding is the process of converting symbols to language. Word attack is the strategy of using sound-letter correspondence rules to decode new or nonsense words.
  • Comprehension: This is the ability to interpret and attach meaning to spoken or written language.
  • Spelling Sounds and Awareness: The ability identify/manipulate sounds, and understand how individual sounds work together in spoken words. Also, the ability to use knowledge of sounds and spelling patterns to write words. These skills are the primary accelerator of reading development.
  • Reading Fluency: The ability to quickly and accurately read simple sentences with expression, and is a necessary foundation for reading comprehension.

Mekyla’s personality has changed since training. Her self-confidence has increased 200%. Her reading has improved immensely. She no longer stops to sound out words. She sees and understands what she has read. I truly feel this experience has given her the tools to continue through life on any path she chooses. Thank you!

ReadRx Program

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