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Does your child have problems retaining lessons from school? Is he or she having difficulty grasping mathematical concepts or understanding excerpts in a reading material? Just like other parts of the body, the brain can be sharpened and honed if practiced properly.

Here at the Brain Workshop, we have a structured programs aimed at developing short and long- term memory. Such a design allows us to concentrate on developing these and other skills.

We believe that IQ and skills are not fixed. Through proper, focused training, we believe that we can enhance a person’s skills and intellectual quotient. Our method is scientifically recognized, and is proven to be effective regardless of age or abilities. It has been known to produce years’ worth of progress in children, and helps adults significantly as well. So if you have questions about how to improve memory, or if you are interested in developing skills that will help you go further in your professional career, we can help. If you want to know more, contact us today!

Contemporary science has opened up powerful new possibilities for those who struggle to learn or want to gain a competitive edge.

At The Brain Workshop we implement the Brain Workshop training program. It is an intense, one-on-one, cognitive training program that dramatically enhances learning skills. These cognitive abilities process sensory information and are essential for easy, fast learning.

We do not teach academic content, but we will help to make learning Easier and Faster.

With one-on-one professional training alongside state-of-the-art online training, we provide a powerful training system and are able to:

• Improve cognitive skills and reading performance
• Achieve twice the results in half the time
• Treat the cause rather than the symptoms

What to expect from our program?

The first step of our program is to conduct testing to measure current cognitive skill levels, and identify the root cause of any learning struggles. Based on the outcome of the test, custom training goals are set with the trainer to address the learner’s weaknesses and to further enhance strengths.

Training will then take place with a one-on-one trainer, as well as digitally through our online program. Progress is closely monitored and regularly reviewed.

A final evaluation provides the full picture of the dramatic enhancement of cognitive skills that has taken place throughout the program duration.

To read about how our programs have changed lives, check out the testimonials of people who took The Brain Workshop training.

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    We are caring professionals devoted to working one-on-one with individuals who struggle with learning or those who desire maximum learning skill enhancement.


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