Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is Cognitive Skills training?

The Brain Workshop focuses exclusively on training underlying cognitive skills that impact learning. We provide non-academic training procedures that quickly strengthen the brain’s core mental abilities (i.e. processing speed, attention, memory, auditory and visual processing, and reasoning). These key skills are every learner’s foundation for successful learning, and if overlooked, can create lifelong problems. Throughout training, learners are paired with their own private training specialist.

Through this one-on-one relationship, each session can be individualized and adjusted to you or your child’s needs and progress. The Brain Workshop training is designed to produce big improvements quickly.

Whom can we help?

We can help anyone who wants to learn, read, and think faster and easier. Our training exercises the brain in the same way that a fitness coach works your muscles, and the results are similar—more strength to accomplish the task.
We love to help anyone looking for an edge: students of all ages facing new challenges, career professionals looking for a competitive advantage, or those simply wanting to keep or refresh their mental edge for a fun, productive life.

Can the Brain Workshop make a difference for me or my child?

The combination of accurate, cognitive skills testing, powerful training programs, and dedicated, one-on-one trainers combined with a strong digital component, allow us to answer with an enthusiastic, “Yes!”

Today’s we implement the innovative BrainRx training system at The Brain Workshop which is the outcome of 30 years of research and clinical trials. During that time, thousands of individuals in the United States and many other parts of the world, have recorded dramatic skill gains and improved performance in learning.

How are you different from tutoring?

Tutoring re-teaches material that should already have been learned but was not. Before investing in tutoring you should ask, “Why didn’t he learn this the first time it was presented?” Unless the answer is obvious (such as missing school for an extended period of time), tutoring will likely be a frustrating and expensive choice. BrainRx is radically different. We answer a different question: “How strong is his or her ability to learn?” Our testing and training strengthens the key underlying mental skills that are essential for easy, fast learning instead of trying to compensate for skill weaknesses. If skills weakness is a root cause of your child’s learning struggle, tutoring simply cannot correct it.

Are learning struggles a phase my child will outgrow?

The answer is no, not in most cases. Learning, reading, or attention difficulties rarely go away with time. If you sense that your child is struggling, you must take action. People who struggle to learn or read do so for a reason, and new brain science shows individual cognitive skill weaknesses are the most likely reason. Yes, you could accommodate his or her problem by changing the environment, creating lower expectations, or focusing only on strengths; however, these choices limit your child’s future potential. Only through professional testing and training can you identify and overcome the exact cause of a learning struggle and create a strategy that will produce both immediate and lifelong change.

What causes reading struggles?

Most reading struggles happen as a result to a weakness in auditory processing. This is the cognitive skill that the brain uses to identify, segment, and blend sounds. However, other weak skills can contribute to reading struggles too. For example, poor memory skills can make it difficult to recall sounds and their associations, poor attention skills can mean a reader is distracted frequently, and poor visual can lead to poor comprehension as it can keep a reader from creating the mental pictures that help them comprehend and engage with what they just read. Our brain training strengthens each of these weaknesses.

Is brain training just for students?

Not at all. Many of our clients are, in fact, adults of all ages and stages of life, from the college-bound, to career builders, to seniors.

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