Learning Difficulties and Disorders

Boost your child cognitive skills

The cause for individuals who have difficulty learning could be any of the following: a problem seeing or hearing information, problems expressing themselves through speech or writing, a lack of motivation, a lack of proper instruction, or poor cognitive processing skills.

However, learning problems are seldom primarily caused by seeing, hearing, or speech disorders. It is not in gathering the information but rather in processing it that the problem usually rests.

While lack of motivation is frequently related to the learning problem, it is often a result of the problem, not a cause. For example, you would tend to be frustrated and avoid a task if you consistently performed a task that was difficult for you, one in which you almost always failed.

There are only so many times that you will run into a brick wall before you quit trying to go that way.

Many students experience the same pain with schoolwork. There are very few children who enter school expecting to fail. So when they don’t succeed and continuously get hurt in their attempts, they start to avoid what is causing the pain. This avoidance is often interpreted as low motivation when simple inability at the cognitive skill level is more likely the reason.

Learning struggles come in many shapes and forms. Whether your child is struggling because of ADHD, Dyslexia, on the Autism spectrum or is having general learning difficulties, boosting their cognitive skills is the best thing you can do to help them with their particular struggle.

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