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The Brain Workshop Can Help People with Learning Disabilities.

There are many students who struggle to learn even with adequate instruction. The root cause is often a cognitive processing problem that, when left undiagnosed result in poor academic performance, frustration, and low self-esteem and are in constant need of learning difficulties help

The problem can also cause relationships with family and peers to suffer. If something is not done to correct these deficiencies, the effects could impact future education and vocational choices, as well as future earning power.

The brain uses a core set of skills, called cognitive skills, to think and learn. Strong skills make learning easier. Weakness in one or more weak skills can impact how efficiently a child grasps, processes, remembers and applies the things they’re attempting to learn

Weak Cognitive Skills could manifest itself into learning struggles, leaving many children in need of learning disabilities help

Here’s a brief description of how weakness in each cognitive skills affects your child’s learning journey:


  • Sustained attention,the skills that enables you/your child to stay focused and on task for an extended period of time.
  • Selective attention, the skill that enables you/your child to ignore distractions and stay focused on what you are doing.
  • Divided attention, the skill that enables you/your child to remember information while doing two things at once.

Weakness in Attention

Weakness attention often result in: needing things repeated; poor listening; difficulty in following a conversation in a crowd; easily distracted, mind-wandering; missing important information; unable to keep things tidy; impulsive; and often has trouble getting started, jumping from project to project, and/or always being surrounded by unfinished projects, or making frequent mistakes.

Auditory Processing

Auditory Processing enables you/your child to analyze, blend, and segment sounds, and is a critical skill for successful reading.

Weakness in Auditory processing

Weakness in Auditory processing often leads to difficulty with phonetic reading activities and beginning spelling skills development; poor listening and reading comprehension/language and vocabulary acquisition

Visual processing

Visual processing enables you/your child to think in visual images.

Weakness in Visual processing

Weakness in Visual processing could result in difficulty with rapid sound/symbol processing and copying tasks; not rapidly recognizing “whole” words; reading slowly; reduced creativity; problems understanding information from graphics

Working memory

Working memory enables you/your child to hang on to information while they’re in the process of using it.

Weakness in Short-term memory

Weakness in short-term memory could result in difficulty remembering names; difficulty completing problem solving operations; needing instructions repeated. It may seem that students “just don’t get it.” having to read the directions again in the middle of a project, experiencing difficulty following multi-step directions, forgetting what was just said in a conversation

Long-term memory

Long-term memory enables you/your child to hang on to, and access, stored information that was learned in the past.

Weakness in Long-term memory

Weakness in long-term memory could result in difficulty retrieving content for tests; a need for more practice and repetition than most; difficulty recalling math facts and word definitions; difficulty recalling names and facts; frequent use of general descriptors/words in written language rather than specific; “It’s on the tip of my tongue but I can’t quite remember it”

Logic & reasoning

Logic & reasoning enables you/your child to reason, form ideas, and solve problems.

Weakness in Logic & Reasoning

Weakness in logic & reasoning could lead to difficulty with math including algebra, statistics, and geometry; difficulty with transfer and generalization of learning; trouble with rule-bound systems of reading; being “slower on his/her feet” when required to cope with a new situation; and poor creative writing, frequently asking “What do I do next?” or saying “I don’t get this, feeling stuck or overwhelmed.

Processing speed

Processing speed enables you/your child to perform tasks quickly and accurately

Weakness in Processing speed

Weak processing speed could lead to difficulty with basic reading skills, written expression, and math calculation; difficulty handling complex problems; slower performance; and frequently needing to have instructions repeated, an ongoing feeling that tasks are more difficult for your than for other people, taking a long time to complete tasks for school or work, frequently being the last one in a group to finish something.

If your child or teenager is having a difficult time at school and needs learning difficulties help, there are a few things you need to know about learning struggles or difficulties

  1. Accommodations aren’t always the best solution for learning disabilities and struggles. As a matter of fact, accommodations often enable the learning disability by working around problem, rather than addressing the root cause of the problem.
  2. Tutoring and brain training are different solutions to different problems. Many families with struggling turn to tutoring as a solution. While tutoring is an excellent way for a student to “catch up” on material that they’ve missed due to an external cause such as missing classroom content due to illness, injury, vacation etc, it is not particularly effective if the reason of the struggle is weakness in cognitive skills, which as per research forms 80% of learning struggles causes.
  3. IQ can be changed. IQ tests measure the strength of the brain skills needed to think, learn, and perform. When these core cognitive skills are stronger, children and adults rank higher in IQ scores. In fact, a study of 17,998 clients of LearningRx ( parent company of BrainRx/of which The Brain Workshop is a member) showed that, IQ scores improved by 13 standard points on average following brain training.

The Brain Workshop’s unique program identifies and provides learning disabilities help. It trains the specific cognitive skills weaknesses of each individual, making it the perfect tool to help the struggling student. The program focuses on enhancing and improving those skills that have the biggest impact on learning, by directly strengthening the deficient cognitive skills that relate to the learning problem.

Individual testing allows training to be optimized for each student. Once the weakness is identified and specific training is applied, the student begins to experience measurable improvement almost immediately.

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