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Unlock Your Full Potential with Comprehensive Cognitive Skills Assessment

When you seek assistance at The Brain Workshop, the first step towards transformative change is undergoing a comprehensive cognitive skills assessment. Whether you’re a parent seeking help for your child, an adult looking to enhance your skills, or a professional seeking answers for your clients or students, our assessment offers invaluable insights into cognitive performance.

The Gibson Test: A Benchmark in Cognitive Skills Assessment

Our assessment is the Gibson Test of Cognitive Skills, which is a hallmark of excellence in cognitive evaluation. Developed based on Gibson’s Learning Model and grounded in the renowned Cattell-Horn-Carrol (CHC) theory of intelligence, this test delves deep into various cognitive domains, including memory, attention, processing speed, logic and reasoning, auditory and visual processing, and reading skills.

Backed by Science, Trusted Worldwide

The Gibson Test adheres to the highest scientific standards and has been administered over 92,000 times since 1999 by a spectrum of professionals worldwide, including psychologists, educators, neurologists, and brain training specialists. Validated and normed twice by experts in learning and cognition, it boasts robust psychometric properties that surpass educational testing standards.

Global Accessibility and Focus on Learning

Available in over 20 languages, including English, Arabic, French, Hindi, Cantonese, Indonesian, Mandarin, Hungarian, Malay, Russian, Vietnamese, Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish, Filipino, Lithuanian, Polish, and Taiwanese Hokkien.  The Gibson Test focuses on areas crucial for learning and performance across diverse contexts, be it in academics, professional settings, or daily life.

Targeted Testing in Key Learning Areas

  • Memory Skills: Retrieving and retaining information effectively.
  • Attention: Staying focused and engaged on tasks.
  • Processing Speed: Handling information swiftly and effortlessly.
  • Logic and Reasoning: Applying planning, thinking, and reasoning skills.
  • Auditory Processing: Blending, segmenting, and analyzing sounds proficiently.
  • Visual Processing: Creating and manipulating mental images adeptly.

Personalized Insights, Informed Decisions

Upon completion of the cognitive skills assessment, you’ll receive a detailed report highlighting individual cognitive strengths and weaknesses, alongside an IQ measurement. Scores are presented in various forms, including:

  • Age Equivalent Scores: Comparing individual scores with average scores of specific age groups up to about 16 years old.
  • Standard Scores: Indicating how much above or below average an individual’s score falls.
  • Percentile Scores: Ranking an individual’s performance compared to 100 peers, providing a clear picture of improvement and performance relative to their age group.

Empowering Transformative Change

The Gibson Test isn’t just about cognitive skills assessment—it’s about empowerment. By identifying weak cognitive skills, we pave the way for targeted interventions through brain training, addressing root causes and eliminating barriers to learning. Families and individuals often experience profound “Aha!” moments as they gain clarity on previously perplexing challenges.

Making Informed Choices, Saving Resources

Armed with the knowledge gleaned from cognitive testing, professionals and families can make informed decisions regarding the most effective interventions, saving time and resources that might otherwise be spent on ineffective approaches.

Join Us on the Journey to Cognitive Excellence

At The Brain Workshop, we’re committed to unlocking your cognitive potential and paving the way for a brighter, more fulfilling future. Let’s begin this transformative journey together and unleash the power of your mind.

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