Success Stories

Our Success Stories

The journey has definitely been good for Kanishka, as it brought good changes in her. Her confidence, her will to work and conquer, her eagerness to explore, and has become more of extrovert. She has turned into my little grown up. I look forward to more changes with positive energy, filling her and leading her to success. Thank you BRAIN WORKSHOP for this. I am happy the way it has turned out for Kash. Thank you again.

Success Stories
Kanishka’s Mother says

Vianney had always found school–and life in general– a big struggle; his self-esteem was extremely low and being the middle child of a family of five children did not help. His behaviour at school was always a problem; with a very short attention span, he was very quick at finding other things to do than listening to teachers (things like bothering his friends and being a clown!). Of course, his marks and his teachers’ reports reflected this. It took me a while to assess the depths of Vianney’s troubles; it took me realising that Vianney was in the lowest sets in every subject at school and still struggling in these sets and, more importantly, it took me realising that my child just was not a very happy boy. A friend of mine told me about the method followed by the Brain Workshop and that it had worked wonders for her struggling daughter and I almost immediately decided to give it a try. I called Sahar, met with her and we talked about Vianney’s situation and how they could help him. I was favourably intrigued and my husband and I enrolled Vianney for 2 sessions, as recommended after the assessment he took. I did not expect miracles at all. I basically thought that, at worse, it could not hurt. Well, Vianney just finished his first session and here is what has happened in Vianney’s life: he went up 2 levels in every set at school–except in reading where he went up 3 levels in 2 weeks. His teacher keeps asking me what has happened to him and tells me he is a different child. His behaviour at school is mostly excellent. His self-confidence, while still needing to be worked on, is much better and I can tell he has started to believe that he can actually do and achieve things. The results are just amazing. I know this might sound just like another success story but I insist that what we have seen with Vianney is something that I would never have dreamed of just a few months ago. Vianney has just started his second session; he goes to the centre everyday and I can tell he feels completely at home there (perhaps even a little too much at times!). My husband and I are very impressed and are convinced that what is happening with our son is priceless and well worth the investment. I also wish to take this opportunity to personally thank Sahar, always kind and patient, and all the lovely trainers (Sabine, Mila and now Vicky) who have worked very hard to get Vianney where he is now. Thank you!

Success Stories
Laure, Vianney’s mum says

My son’s learning difficulties had been identified when he was much younger and through one-on-one coaching he had made great improvements so I knew before he started this time the same approach would show the best results, and it has. What this experience has proved to me is that this form of training needs to be used at various stages of their learning development and the benefits when they are 5-12 years old will be different to when they are 12-18. My son is now 15 and the training this time was to improve his focus, memory and most importantly, his confidence to attempt difficult tasks. He has certainly achieved those goals, and both his teachers and I have seen a marked improvement. We would thoroughly recommend this training particularly for children who lack confidence in themselves when tackling their school work. The staff is so friendly and welcoming, the children soon feel at ease and see this as a fun experience whilst learning. The Brain Workshop is a real find!

Success Stories
Fraser’s mom says

Brain training has enabled me to concentrate and complete tasks in school and during each of my brain session. I have learnt more about how to speed write but still find additions difficult. Brain training was quite a challenge for me. in the beginning of my sessions I wasn’t very keen on my sessions, but as soon as I realized that I can achieve my targets, I started to like my sessions and enjoy them. I feel more confident after brain training. My teacher Hiba was good, fun and strict which kept me on task and on target. Thank you

Success Stories
Yahya’s mum says on behalf of Yahya

Last summer break, I was browsing for skill development camps for my son. We had noticed that he had less concentration and poor short term memory and hence he’s slow in learning. He didn’t really enjoy attempting even slightly difficult tasks. I came across some good reviews about The Brain Workshop and decided to enroll my son for lessons. The training definitely saw an overall improvement in my son. His memory and concentration have improved and he can now learn things faster as compared to before. He is more confident now. He really enjoyed his sessions with Vicky who was very encouraging and friendly. I would like to personally thank Sahar, Vicky and The Brain Workshop team for the support. The only difficulty we faced was the unavailability of transportation services to the center. This made it a bit difficult for working parents like us. Otherwise, it was a great experience and will definitely recommend The Brain Workshop to others.

Success Stories
Adwaith’s Mom says

Hello my name is Assel. I am a fashion designer. I’ve heard about The Brain Workshop a lot from my friends, about how the training helped them with many different problems and situation. So I decided to take the training too. I was hoping it will help me with my creativity and everyday problems. Then I started program. I gradually started feeling results. I became very confident, very creative in my work and in my personal life. I became able to organize my day and decide on my priorities. That helped me reach what I am looking for in my work, especially that I am a perfectionist. As for my personal life, it allowed me to do much more with my time with less stress. On the other hand reading was one of my challenges as I love to read a lot. Now I am able to read very quickly, understand and remember all what I’ve read. Now I also never look to a password twice! It was a big pleasure for me to work with all the people in The Brain Workshop, especially with my trainer Noha. It’s a big gift in life to meet someone as special as she is. The program was challenging and fun at the same time. That’s why coming every day for the program was easy. I also enjoyed the digital part. It was life changing for me. I hope it will help anybody who is looking to get better. Bika says: when I first joined to The Brain Workshop, I was not very confident, but gradually I became more confident. Before the training I was not doing well in school but the program helped me and I improved a lot. My favourite sessions were with my trainer, Vicky, because it’s so much fun with her .The digital was more challenging but I know it helps me so I worked well with it. Overall, even though it was a bit tough for me to come after school, it all payed off!

Success Stories
Assel says

When I started this place I first thought I didn’t really need it, but now as my training is coming to an end I know that I have unlocked and achieved many features in my brain. I now feel more confident in class and I’m can concentrate for longer and know how to manage my time during my daily routine. My trainer Vicky is the one who always brightens my day with her convincing smile and personality. Thanks again I will always miss you. Vicky, Salma, Sahar and the other Sahar and the whole Brain Workshop crew!!! Adam’s Father says: We could say that the impact of the workshop on our son is far above our best expectations. The program definitely improved certain areas of our son’s skills dramatically, which we can now physically measure from his school reports, his attitude and behaviour. The most important thing is that he has become confident and I would say he is now on the right track. We would like to thank The Brain workshop team for the excellent results. Moreover, it was an excellent experience for us as parents.

Success Stories
Adam says

Hello I am Beatriz, I am 7 years old. During the time I did my brain training I worked a lot. I have met my teachers Vicky and Sahar when I did my test on the computer. Everyday I went to The Brain Workshop, my teacher Vicky helped and pushed me to do the activities on time. I learned how to work with the beep sound. I started reading the name of presidents from USA from a board and then I played games with cards (numbers, shapes and colours). The brain training helps me in school, I got better in my reports at the end of the year, and for me the brain training was fun and boring sometimes. To Vicky a big hug and a big thanks for helping me.

Success Stories
Beatriz says

My experience with brain training was amazing. The teachers were really nice and kind, most of all they were really patient. I think this experience will help me solve different problems better and quicker.

Success Stories
Oreo says

We had admitted our son Ahmed aged 9 in the Brain Workshop to improve his concentration skills. He had a good time in a friendly environment supervised by amiable & qualified instructors, wherein he successfully completed the course last month by the Grace of GOD Almighty. He was also duly awarded a certificate of achievement on completion of his course. We wish the very best to one & all at the Brain Workshop & the students availing their services. Prasi Ahmed’s trainer: Ahmed is a sweet natured boy. He always worked hard and wanted to do better each time. He is naturally curious and inquisitive; a great feature that we’re sure will continue to help him develop throughout his life. Ahmed had achieved significant gains specifically in auditory processing skills where he gained four years and 40 extra percentile points. It was a pleasure to work with Ahmed. We are all very proud of him and certain that he will go on to achieve great results next year at school.

Success Stories
Farooza, Ahmed’s Mum

“I’m much better in reading and math ever since I started brain training. I’ve won an award for memorizing at school after I started coming to The Brain Workshop. I also feel like I’m doing much better than other students in my class because they don’t come to The Brain Workshop!” Zahra Maya’s Mother says: “What Maya’s father and I have noticed about Maya is that she is much better in reading, spelling and counting now. She has more self-confidence which is well reflected in her speech and understanding – thanks to The Brain Workshop for their efforts, support and patience.” Khamael Maya’s Trainer says: “Maya started brain training being very doubtful of her abilities. A few weeks after her start, she came for a training session one day, put her hands on either sides of her forehead and said “My brain will think properly. I will do this.” Ever since, she’s been progressing at an amazing rate, especially in computational processing. She has one of the strongest positive attitudes I’ve ever come across and never lets anything stop her from doing well.”

Success Stories
Maya says

“The training helped me understand different accents in school. I can understand concepts in Physics faster than before. I love the jigsaw puzzles that I play on the computer at The Brain Workshop.” Mamta Urmi’s Mother says: In the time that Urmi has joined Brain workshop, she has stopped stammering at home completely. Urmi can concentrate and understand her teachers better in class. She has shown improvement in school assessments. Urmi is slowly getting confident. She has also made friends in school. I am grateful to the Brain Workshop Team for helping Urmi in overcoming her difficulties. Prasi: Urmi’s Trainer says: “Urmi is a warm, friendly young girl. She has a great eye for patterns and applies her strong visualization skills with ease. Her greatest strength is her willingness to work hard and persevere even when she finds certain tasks challenging. After training with us for about two months, Urmi is able to understand and complete her school work faster and feels more confident going into tests. Certain tasks she used to have trouble with earlier – for example mental math – have now become automatic, and she is now passing levels quickly. Urmi’s “never give up” attitude will continue to take her far!”

Success Stories
Urmi says

The first time I heard about The Brain Workshop 4 months ago, I was skeptical whether these programs offered by the workshop would do me any good or not. At that time, I was an individual with the least trust on my brain which was affecting my self-confidence massively. I was always blaming my memory for not remembering certain details during my daily meetings at work which was eventually affecting my concentration and was making the situation worse every day. I was living inside my confined box and making notes of whatever happens during my daily life just to make sure that I don’t forget them with absolutely no interest in leaving that box. I knew that I had to do something about it. Special thanks to google for introducing me to The Brain Workshop. After registering for the program I noticed that there are some people out there who can help me tackle my problems not only mentally but also psychologically. The experts in The Brain Workshop recognized my problems and worked so hard to overcome those. They taught me how to let go of my mistakes and move on as this was the main reason of my frustrations, they worked hard to take me out of my box and encouraged me to open up and I should say that they succeeded big time. Now after 4 months of intensive trainings, I feel so relaxed, focused with high level of concentration, I can take instant decisions without regretting any on them, I can remember most of the details when listening to people’s statements and my negotiation skills have been improved. My respect and salute to my professional trainer, Noha, for putting her maximum efforts to take me out of my box and making me what I am now. I am certain that it wasn’t easy for her. I also appreciate Sahar’s advices which made me reformulate certain beliefs which I was carrying with me since childhood.

Success Stories
Mohsen says

My experience at the Brain Workshop was interesting I had a few ups and downs but over all I really enjoyed my experience there and my teachers were very helpful and always so happy. The Brain Workshop helped me a lot in my school exams and tests. They also helped me a lot in my focus and attention as well. One thing they really improved was in interaction with other people. My favourite thing to do was the attention arrows and memory match. I really enjoyed my time here.

Success Stories
Aryan says

Our story with the Brain Workshop started when my daughter’s teacher informed us that she is having problems in the school, as she cannot concentrate for a long period and she is very slow. Her father and I started to look for solutions; while I was searching on the internet I came across The Brain Workshop website, I read some of the stories. I researched about brain training and how it can help people. I sent them an email and they responded directly. We decided to make Dana sit for the assessment. After the consultation, we decided to start the program for Dana. My daughter was very happy with her instructor and she enjoyed her classes at The Brain Workshop. Dana improved so much after the program and her memory is much better. She can recall most of the things. She is studying hard in school. It was a great experience for us and we are planning to continue with another program. I am very thankful to everyone there; they were very friendly and cooperative with us. I recommend this program to every parent.

Success Stories
Dana’s mom says

I Came to know about The Brain Workshop while browsing the net and was glad I did. Thanks to Ms Sahar, my son Keelan Dias has improved, he can retain things that he has studied and his concentration has improved but is still a work in progress. The overall result is impressive and I am glad that I bought Keelan here. My deepest gratitude goes to Ms. Sahar and her wonderful staff for all their hard work. I am thinking of bringing him back here for another session during the summer break. Thank you all very much Keelan says: I have found The Brain Workshop quite helpful. It has helped me in many ways like increasing my concentration, helped me do my work faster, and think faster. It has helped me a lot in my math and spelling in English. Everyone over here is friendly. I would like to thank everyone for all their hard work that they have put in me.

Success Stories
Gina, Keelan’s mom says

I heard about The Brain workshop from my friend Assel who had already done the training. I was looking for such development courses as I’ve been struggling with very bad memory, and bad attention and low motivation for a long time so I decided to start the brain training as quickly as possible. At The Brain Workshop I worked with my really cool and qualified brain trainer, Noha who inspired me, worked with me on building my confidence, and went far and above to help me achieve great results. The training opened my eyes on other aspects that I needed to change in my life, and gave me the confidence and skills to change them. Thank you to Noha for always pushing me beyond my limits. Most of all, thank you for having faith in me. Now, everywhere I go, I suggest this program to everyone. My sister is starting her training with The Brain Workshop in March.

Success Stories
Molly says

I came across the brain workshop by mere accident as I was searching for summer camps for my kids. This is when I found they were offering a brain training summer program which immediately caught my attention, as my 7 year old daughter had been struggling at school in so many areas – math being one, as well as spellings. Additionally her working memory was on the low and as well as processing speed, logic, reasoning. Hence, I immediately got in touch with The Brain Workshop and bought my daughter in for an assessment as a last hope for developing those lacking skills in my daughter because it seemed that no intervention classes or extra tutoring was helping. The team at The Brain Workshop lead by Sahar were really understanding and great in listening, explaining fully how the program would help. I was also surprised at how accurate the results of the assessment were, they really helped identify the areas of weakness for my daughter, so I immediately entrusted the team as they were extremely competent. Slowly I started noticing changes in my daughter e.g. solving puzzles she could not solve etc. When the new academic year started the change and improvement was quite apparent. My daughter was doing much better in all subject areas especially math and spellings which were the most problematic areas. Most importantly she has become more confident in herself and less shy and over all a happier person and student. Hence I really believe this is one of the best things I could have done for my daughter as it is a life-time investment that will benefit her throughout her life. I really can’t thank the team enough - Sahar, Vicky and the rest at The Brain Workshop - for their great understanding and support throughout this journey.

Success Stories
Jana’s Mom (Noha) says

In the beginning, I was afraid but then I felt a little confident. I felt quite a change in my studies, now I can memorize, I can add and do many other things. Prasi (trainer) says: Ebrahim is generally good natured and can be quite playful. He has made steady progress throughout the training program and has reached very high levels in most procedures. By the end of the training he was performing above his age average. It has been a pleasure to work with him. Ebrahim’s Dad (Mr. Adnan Marhaba) says: In a short sentence, The Brain Workshop has exceeded my expectations. The improvements and changes in Ebrahim are obvious and significant, and this wouldn’t have been possible without this program. To be honest, I was sceptical at the beginning, but over a period of time the expertise and dedication of the staff at The Brain Workshop cleared any element of doubt I had and I grew more confident about the positive impact of the program on Ebrahim. From the bottom of my heart, I would like to thank all those involved in the program to help Ebrahim improve.

Success Stories
Ebrahim says

We were quite pleased with the progress of our child. We truly believe this method does work on improving areas of processing speed and working memory, and we would recommend the program to others without any hesitance. Parents just need to have faith and believe this will work. We would like to thank Sahar and Sonali for their effort and professional approach. Trainer (Sonali) says: Ria worked quite enthusiastically in all tasks. She was always curious about everything and worked hard to do better each time. Ria had achieved significant gains and she could see and feel the difference in her self. It was a pleasure to work with Ria. We are all very proud of her and we wish her luck for her future.

Success Stories
Ria’s parents say

It was summer break, I was lying on my couch when my mother came and told me that there is a place where they train your brain. To make you smarter, without you noticing. I felt excited about the idea. I came and I had the brain training, it turned out to be fun. I did enjoy coming for the sessions. By the end of the program I felt changes in my life for example…. I was always dying of boredom, now I know there are a lot of things that I can do. I became more creative. I also realized I became quicker and better at football. Finally I got smarter solving my mom’s tricky math problems and playing cards with my sister. At the end I enjoyed the better relationship with my mom because she noticed I was getting better. I would love to do this again. Ten Improvements: Better and quicker in football. Beat my sister in games. Starting to recognize new stuff that weren’t there. Getting better with memory games. Quicker and more relaxed with homework. More creative with my time. More patience with helping in house work. Winning in tricky math problems. Better relationship with parents.

Success Stories
Rayyan says

Before starting the training I didn’t know how effective it would be or if it will help me in any sort. But after completing my program I realized that it did, it helped improve many aspects of my life not only at school, and it gave me a lot of confidence in myself and my abilities. Sahar, Faris’ mum says: We decided to ask Faris to take an assessment after his grades had been fluctuating quite a bit in many subjects. Right away, we knew we had made the right decision, as the results of the assessment clearly displayed all his weak areas. We could see the cause of the fluctuation; it also showed the strong skills he possessed, so it was like a map to his cognitive skills. Training program was planned, and he started the training. Within just a short period of time, he had gained so much in all areas, he now is visibly sharper, works faster, with more accuracy, and most importantly has more confidence in his abilities both in school and outside. Though challenging at times, Faris enjoyed doing both parts of the training, the one-on-one and digital, they complemented each other. The one-on-one gave him the push and motivation he needed, and the digital provided a stimulating and independent experience that he both enjoyed and benefited from, the good thing is that he was gaining so much without going through the conventional ways. On the contrary, he was having fun, and we all could see the improvement. By the end of the program Faris had measured on the level of an 18 year old, at that time he was only 13 years old. It is this experience that led us to believe in the power of brain training and here we are now with The Brain Workshop , trying to help other families achieve what our son has achieved.

Success Stories
Faris says

“I feel more confident, and more in control after being a part of this program. And I got highest score in Math this term in my class.” Nathalie Hadi’s Trainer says: “Hadi is a smart young boy who strives to do his best in order to achieve his goals. He has a strong eye for patterns and numbers which have seen him succeed in many exercises reaching high levels quickly. He enjoys the exercises that he is doing and has seen his memory and attention skills improve greatly. He can see the difference this program has made in his school work and how beneficial it has been to him.”

Success Stories
Hadi says

“The training helped me get better at school. This place is cool because we have fun when we train” Melanie Hyppolite’s Trainer says: “Hyppolite is a very hard working student. He has progressed very well through the program and has seen improvements in many areas. Keep up the great work Hippolyte.”

Success Stories
Hippolyte says

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