Welcome to The Brain Workshop’s Cognitive Skills Training!

Welcome to The Brain Workshop's Cognitive Skills Training!

Cognitive skills are helping hands to build the foundation of your brain’s thinking, studying, and learning capacities. They equip you to remember, read, focus, and reason with efficiency.

At The Brain Workshop, our cognitive skills training programs offer intense mental exercises designed to hone the core abilities your brain utilizes for thinking, learning, reading, reasoning, and maintaining focus.

Each cognitive skill is integral to processing information efficiently. Weakness in any of these skills can hinder your ability to grasp, retain, or utilize information effectively. 

Cognitive Skills Proficiency Assessment

  • Attention/Sustained: This skill involves your ability to sustain concentration and involvement in a task over an extended period of time. Weaknesses here may lead to unfinished projects and task-switching tendencies.
  • Simultaneous Processing/Divided Attention: This skill involves handling multiple tasks simultaneously, such as listening to an instructor while taking notes or driving a car while conversing. It’s crucial for multitasking effectively.
  • Sequential Processing: The ability to link a series of inputs over time, vital for tasks like reading comprehension and problem-solving.
  • Executive Functioning: This encompasses reasoning, planning, and idea formation, essential for problem-solving and decision-making processes.
  • Processing Speed: This skill denotes the ability to perform cognitive tasks swiftly, crucial for complex tasks with multiple steps.
  • Short-Term Memory: The capacity to store and recall small amounts of information about the current situation, vital for following instructions and retaining information momentarily.
  • Long-Term Memory: The ability to recall information stored in the past, crucial for tasks like spelling and comprehension.
  • Auditory Processing: The skill of perceiving, analyzing, and conceptualizing auditory information, critical for reading and spelling.
  • Visual Processing: The ability to perceive, analyze, and think in visual images, including visualization. Weakness in this area can manifest as difficulties in reading, following instructions, and comprehension.

Our Cognitive Skills Training programs are promptly designed to assess and enhance all these skills, facilitating faster learning, improved work performance, and greater proficiency in daily tasks. Join us at The Brain Workshop to unlock your brain’s full potential and achieve optimal cognitive functioning.

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