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Whatever it is you do for a living, a faster and smarter brain will surely assist your career development, your earning potential and your future.

Whether your aim is to land your first role, pursue your dream job, move up the career ladder, perform better in your current position, or working on your executive career advancement,  this innovative one-on-one Brain Training concentrates on enhancing your cognitive skills for better results. Research also shows that Brain Training raises IQ level by an average of 15 points and can dramatically improve mental performance.

One-on-one brain training uses customized mental exercises, done face-to-face with a personal trainer, to strengthen specific cognitive skills.

Stronger cognitive skills translate to real life improvements in memory, clarity, attention, logic, and processing speed.

Our clients can move up anywhere from 16 to 26 “places” in percentiles (which represent where someone would rank in a group of 100 of their peers), and can gain up to 15 IQ points

This translates into significant increase in efficiency in job performance and a better quality of life all in all

If you are struggling with mental performance, including the ability to focus or remember the first step is to find out why. A one-hour Cognitive Assessment can pinpoint specific cognitive strengths and weaknesses and help you decide on the next best step.

Brain training also provides the perfect platform for accomplished leaders in their company or profession, following a path towards executive career advancement, to rise up, cope, and benefit from the many challenges they are continually facing, in their pursuit of excellence

Executive, top athletes and highly accomplished public figures employ business coaches; work with mentors and brain trainers. They are always pursuing higher mental performance

So whether you are a career adult struggling with focus, a senior adult looking for ways to stay sharp, or an accomplished executive , the fact remains that there are choices you can make that can impact and even improve how well you brain performs.

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