Summer / Winter Brain Booster Camp

We’re sure you’ve heard about the Summer and Holiday Brain Drain phenomenon, also called the “summer slide,” which refers to the loss of skills and knowledge that usually happens during holiday months; where children lose, on average, between two and three months of math and reading skills.

The effect of this learning loss extends beyond putting children at a disadvantage for the beginning of the school year, as it can lead to delays in classroom progress. To overcome this yearly loss, teachers and educators often spend the first six weeks of school re-teaching skills that students learned in the previous grade before they can move on to new material.

The good news is, your child can energize, vitalize, activate their Brain and build new Neural Pathways instead, when they enrol in one of our holiday program options. The Booster Camps dramatically strengthens a child’s skills and, gives your child a true Brain Workout, and leaves them wanting more. Trust us!

1. Brain Booster Camp

Whether your child is 4 , 16 or even a university student, Brain Booster Camp will help them dramatically strengthen their skills and get them ready for a new year with sharper brains, greater confidence, and bigger personalities. An effect that happens when they know deep inside that they now have control over their time, their studies, and the ability not just to cope, but to excel.

July – August/ December-January

What’s included:
A pre-training cognitive skills assessment and consultations

Varies depending on the assessment results

What to expect:

  • Expect to be challenged and pushed to reach levels you never thought were possible
  • Be ready to have lots of fun. Our brain-training program uses fun and interactive exercises developed by neuroscientists, and a group of specialists that know how the brain works best
  • Not to mention, more and longer attention span, better reading and comprehension skills, higher logic, and stronger math skills.

How does it work:
You can choose between 3-days a week or 5-days a week option, for 2-3 hours a day. The below list indicates the activity choices for the Booster Camp.

How to register?
Just call or email us and we’ll set you up for the assessment and take it from there.

Phone: 04 243 4620/ 056 353 1896


You have the option to choose between 3 days or 5 days option per week, with the choice of these activities.

  • Brain Booster Session

Rooted in brain training, these sessions focus on improving your cognitive abilities and enhance your overall skillset in terms of your, attention span, reading skills, memory abilities, logical understanding, and visualization

  • Rubik’s Cube Sessions

A great exercise for the brain. This improves your eye-hand coordination., concentration and problem-solving abilities. It also increases spatial awareness, develops patience, determination & persistence.

  • Creative Writing and Communication Sessions

Statistics show that reading helps develop your writing skills, but writing helps develop your cognitive growth, the power to communicate, increase imaginative strength and hold conversations effectively. In short, writing powers the brain!

  • Emotional Intelligence Sessions

When you teach kids Emotional Intelligence, they learn how to recognize their feelings, understand where they come from & learn how to deal with them. Emotional recognition and regulation help increase the efficient handling of negative situations, giving them the most essential skill to achieve success in life.

  • Math Skills

These sessions involve activities that improve your logic and reasoning skillset which directly impacts your math related abilities. Through these sessions the idea is to improve one’s affinity to understand mathematical concepts and strengthen foundational math.

  • Mandala Art

A mandala is a complex abstract design that is mostly circular in shape. Mandala is a Sanskrit word that means “circle” and have one identifiable centre point. Mandalas represent the connection between an individual’s inner worlds and outer reality. Designing these helps build skills of sustained attention, visualization, and overall ability to find inner concentration and peace.

  • Visual Puzzle Sessions

A visual puzzle is any logic or reasoning problem that is expressed and solved using drawings and/or images, and worksheets. This improves efficient application of visualization skills in real life.

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