Best Methods To Learn And Remember

High-ceilinged classrooms lined with desks and chairs, and stern-faced invigilators walking around you. Welcome to the Exam Hall. It’s like being on the frontline of a war zone. The only weapons you are armed with are the pen in your hand and the brain in your head.

The weeks leading up to this D-day are usually a series of constant struggles between you and your brain, wherein you employ every trick and tactic at your disposal to keep it from forgetting what you spent hours teaching it.

Well, you’ve found a new ally in us, as we reveal a few high-powered, well-proven strategies and tricks to help you out.

A Walk to Remember

This one you might have heard from your parents. Walking, while studying, has a unique effect of concentrating your efforts. This focus ensures that your brain clearly grasps everything its reading. Additionally, it has also been proven that a brisk 20 minute walk before sitting for an exam can significantly boost your brain’s recall abilities.

Break it Up

This one might seem counter intuitive, but resting in between your studies is the best way to remember everything you’ve studied. In fact, this is not only beneficial, but necessary. It is proven that your brain becomes unreceptive to new information after 90 minutes of continuous study. A period of rest gives your brain time to recuperate its energies to assimilate more knowledge.

Teach to Learn

This is another one from our parents. According to this theory, one of the best ways to remember something that you’ve learned is to teach it to somebody other than you. This repetition of knowledge to someone else ensures that it is ingrained in your mind.

Group Up

There is strength in unity. If you are having trouble staying focused or understanding something while studying, getting together with your peers might be the best solution. Discussing ideas and knowledge with others in your group ensures that you understand it better. Different people in a group might understand different topics better and can therefore teach each other. Additionally, while an individual might slack off alone, a study group ensures that a fair amount discipline is maintained.

Sleep On It

The old saying holds true. Memory and learningare thought to be solidified during sleep. Sleep time is when the brain has the time to pick out the most significant information from the day’s activities and consolidate that information into memories

Brain Training

The Brain Workshop has customized programs specially designed for students, to help them in their studies and improve their memory. The focused one-on-one classes work toward the holistic development of each student’s mental capacities and cognitive skills.

Of all the skills that help you out in your studies, a good memory is one of the most powerful. But it is important not to get discouraged if you find yourself lacking in that regard.

At The Brain Workshop, we know that Memory can be built and improved with the methods that we apply. Right strategies mixed in with a fair amount of persistence can get you there.

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