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For centuries, memory has been a topic of contention among scientists, philosophers and the general public alike. While some say it’s all a bout concentration and persistence, others believe it to be a god-given talent. Whether it’s a forgotten birthday, a misplaced key or an uncertain name, we have all suffered from lapses in memory at some point or another. And to those who have more serious memory problems, they experience a complete deterioration of their lifestyle, with the deterioration of their memory.

While nobody can be completely immune to a few misplacement’s, lapses in memory take on a whole new meaning when applied to study or work. Though age is a constant enemy, in today’s modern world, lifestyle can also play a significant role in the loss of memory over time.

We have listed out the 5 ways to improve adult memory capabilities:

1. Brain Tricks:

There are a lot of tricks and techniques that can help you remember better. While some need a degree of knowledge, others are easier to adopt. A few examples of these are the use of flash cards, association techniques, rhymes, acronyms and acrostics. Other simple tricks like saying things out loud and imagining labels can also be helpful.

2. Jog your brain:

They say that your brain is also like a muscle, and the more you use it, the stronger it gets. Which is why exercising your brain with puzzles, quizzes and crosswords has shown significant some improvements in brain function. Studying or training in a new craft or language can also prove to be great in revitalizing your brain cells.

3. Get Moving:

This one is a double-boon. In addition to all the positive effects you can observe on your body, exercising also makes your heart pump a significant amount of blood into your brain, which sharpens and improves its capabilities. While high-intensity interval workouts or activities involving serious hand-eye coordination are the best, if you are low on time, a simple 15-minute walk can also prove to be significantly beneficial.

4. Eat Right:

You are what you eat. And this fact applies to your brain also, and by relation, to your memory. Nutritionists have always recommended a healthy breakfast to help you do better in your exams. The worst foods you can have are those with excessive amounts of saturated fats, like heavily processed foods red meat and butter. On the other hand, foods rich in mono and poly-unsaturated fats, like olive oil, fish, and nuts, are the best fuel for your brain. Fruits, vegetables and whole grains are also essential in promoting optimum brain health.

5. Train your Brain:

The Brain Workshop offers several programs aimed at developing an individual’s memory capabilities holistically, by improving overall cognitive skills and brain function through highly effective brain training systems.

It is very important to understand the fact that good memory is not entirely a pre-written, god-given talent. Like the muscles in our body, our memory can also be developed and improved. You just need to follow the right path and the goal can be achieved.

Contact us now to get your memory tested and enhanced through scientifically researched, tried and tested methods, and feel the benefits of an upgraded memory in all your daily tasks.

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