How to Concentrate Better

Of all the things that contribute to your success in your daily endeavours, nothing is as important and as underrated as the need for concentration. This gains precedence in a world dominated by social media and the constant barrage of attention depriving entertainment sources.

Without the power of concentration, your attention gets diverted to many things and at the end of the day you feel that you have achieved nothing.

We have listed out a few techniques to help you concentrate better:


Do you find yourself trying to concentrate for hours on a specific thing, only to see yourself fail miserably? It may be your body trying to tell you something. Most instances of repeated disruptions in concentration can be traced back to a tired mind. And the best remedy is a quick nap or a period of long rest. Maintain regular sleep time and sufficient hours for sleeping. Oversleeping can also make you sluggish and lazy.

List out

Lists and work plans can be extremely effective when it comes to getting things done. Once you decide on your goals, list them out on a piece of paper or the steps that you need to take to achieve them. This will give you a definite purpose and a direction of where you need to go. Every time you find yourself distracted by external influences, you can have a look at your list and get back on track.

Get up

This one is just as potent as a period of rest. If you are feeling sleepy or sluggish, get up from your desk and move around to give you that instant boost of energy. Exercise has also been known to release the uplifting chemical called dopamine into your bloodstream. You will find yourself positive, refreshed and energized after that walk.

A Drink of Water

A gulp of water can have surprising benefits on your concentration. The simple act of drinking water can wake you up. Inside your body, water can charge up your brain and help you with additional memory and attention. A dehydrated brain is a low-performing brain. Studies have shown that your brain performs many times better when supplemented with a glass of water.

Train your Brain

Brain training institutes like The Brain Workshop in Dubai have experienced teams and customizable programs that can improve the attention spans of everybody from adults to students with attention disorders. Their targeted programs work on the parts of the brain that are responsible for concentration.

Great men like Albert Einstein, Bill Gates and many others, have repeatedly praised the role of concentration in their successes. Remember that a lack of concentration doesn’t just affect your work or your studies, but your lifestyle as well.

Know when you are at your best

There’s no way of shutting the out world just because you are busy at work. Studies conducted on brain training and human concentration spans say that it’s a matter of six hours. That’s the timeframe you can do justice to your work. Your creativity and momentum ebb with distractions. Know when can focus best and do your ‘highlight’ jobs then.

Prioritize your work

Pull all those challenging and taxing jobs for the first, fresh hour of the day. Brush aside the lighter ones at the end of the day. This will surely help you stay focused.

Try another setting

You have vowed to finish the work at hand but something springs up marked as ‘top priority’. Time ticks by endlessly. You try to focus – whoosh – you won’t have an idea where to start. You can’t put your heart or mind at the new one. Now, here’s where you take a break. Disconnect yourself from the work table. Grab a cup of minted tea. Take a refreshing walk round the garden. Think of a cool cascade near you. You will be ready to concentrate on your new assignment in a jiffy.

Say no to multitasking

Your ability to multitask can springboard your pride and self-contentment to the air. You enjoy envious glances spying on you. But, do you know your brain is yelling at you to stop this offence. If you overwork your brain, you’ll fly off the handle resulting in slips and errors. Avoid multitasking as much as you can.

Try Brain Training

Brain training institutes like the Brain Workshop in Dubai works on improving the concentration power of your brain. They use scientific methods to boost the brain power of people in all age groups and capabilities and improve adult attention span. They make comprehensive and in-depth studies on finding the root cause of brain troubles like poor concentration and come up with suitable remedial programs.

Brain Training intensifies cognitive skills like memory, attention, visual processing, and logic and reasoning. This way they improve your brain function producing faster processing and better concentration.

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