ReadRX® Personalised Brain Based Training for Reading Difficulties

If you or your loved ones struggle with reading comprehension or other reading difficulties, you are not alone. To varying degrees, approximately 10% of the world’s population struggles with reading comprehension. To put this into perspective, one out of every ten individuals in the UAE struggles with reading.

As unsettling as a this is, difficulty reading is not the end of the world. Nor does it indicate a lack of intelligence. On the contrary, many children and adults struggling with reading have above average intelligence. With proper neurological and brain-based training, individuals suffering from dyslexia and other reading difficulties can lead very productive and satisfying lives both academically and professionally.

The professionals at The Brain Workshop are excited to announce our upcoming partnership with BrainRX® to offer ReadRX®personalized brain training to help children and adults overcome their struggles with spelling and reading comprehension. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be sharing information about this amazing program and how it can help you or your loved ones overcome their battle dyslexia and reading comprehension.

How does Reading Work?

In order to understand the neurological deficiencies associated with reading difficulties, it’s important to understand how the brain functions during the process of reading. When an individual sees an object, their brain recognizes the object regardless of how the object is observed. For example, the brain will identify a villa no matter the size, shape, color, or location.

Similarly, when a child begins to read, their brain will identify letters and words. As an individual continues to learn to read, their brain also differentiates between characters that look very similar to one another, such as d’s and b’s, p’s and q’s, and words such as “mom” and “wow,” and “on” and “no”. Some brains simply lack the ability to differentiate between certain characters. This can make spelling, reading and reading comprehension challenges.

Symptoms Associated with Reading Difficulties

  • Difficulty memorizing, reading, or spelling words.
  • Difficulty distinguishing between similar letters (i.e. ‘b’ and ‘d’).
  • Difficulty understanding reading comprehension.
  • Speech delays in younger children.
  • Delayed reading or spelling abilities.
  • Difficulty following a set of instructions in the proper order.
  • Mild to severe headaches while reading or writing.

BrainRX® and Personalised Brain-Based Training

BrainRX® is one of the largest one-on-one brain-based training organizations in the world. Using their “personal trainer” approach, BrainRX® participants experience an average improvement of 15 IQ points and 30% increase in mental skills.

According to research, 88% of reading problems are a direct result of the way an individual’s brain is wired. Like a muscle, with proper training, the brain can learn to perform tasks that were previously not possible. This process is called neuroplasticity. As the brain continues to develop, old neural pathways are replaced with new efficient pathways. This improves the way a brain takes in, processes, retains and retrieves information, empowering the individual to learn more efficiently.

ReadRX® and Neuroplasticity

Neuroscientists have discovered that with proper brain-based training, we can retrain the brain to process information using more efficient pathways, controlling the perceptual factors to make learning more efficient. Through a revolutionary combination of BrainRX® procedures, auditory processing training and code reading training, ReadRX®, promotes the growth of new neurological pathways.

The results are undeniable. In a recent study of 6,460 clients, ranging from ages 6 to adult, participants using ReadRX® experienced measurable gains in the core skills necessary for reading comprehension, to include:

  • Word attack: 17% increase
  • Spelling sounds: 12% increase
  • Sound awareness: 30% increase
  • Reading comprehension: 15% increase
  • Reading fluency: 12% increase

The Brain Workshop and ReadRX®

We are excited to be partnering with BrainRX® to offer the best in individualized brain-based training. Our customised learning programs are designed to treat the root of the problem, promoting neurological growth to help individuals struggling with a variety of learning difficulties, to include reading and spelling comprehension, and dyslexia. Whether you have a child struggling academically or are an adult suffering professionally due to learning difficulties, the professionals at the Brain Workshop can help.

Be sure to check back in a few weeks. As we launch our new ReadRX® program, we’ll be sharing more information about BrainRX® and ReadRX®. In the meantime, if you have any questions, we’d love to hear from you!

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