ReadRX® Personalised Brain Based Training: What You Need to Know

ReadRX® is a customised, brain-based learning program designed to treat the root of the problem, promoting neurological growth to help individuals struggling with reading and spelling comprehension, dyslexia, and more.

Working with a certified brain trainer reinforces the neurological connections and pathways that make reading possible. Individualised brain-based training improves reading comprehension and retention. As one of the largest one-on-one brain training companies in the world, BrainRX® participants experience unmatched results with their unique “personal trainer” approach.

Difficulties with Reading Comprehension

Do you or your loved ones struggle with reading comprehension or other reading difficulties? You are not alone in your struggles. To varying degrees, approximately 10% of the world’s population struggles with reading comprehension.

As unsettling and frustrating as difficulty with reading is, it’s not the end of the world. On the contrary, With proper neurological and brain-based training, individuals suffering from dyslexia and other reading difficulties can lead very productive and satisfying lives both academically and professionally.

Audio Processing and Reading Difficulties

Auditory processing is a critical cognitive skill the brain uses to decode language, speech and reading. Auditory processing is also the neurological skill used to segment, identify and blend sounds. Individuals with low auditory processing skills often struggle with reading comprehension, spelling, and speech. In fact, studies show that 85% of struggling readers have weak auditory processing skills.

Reading struggles impact almost every aspect of life and learning. In a recent study conducted by the brain based professionals of the BrainRX®, 2,112 children and adults with dyslexia and reading struggles sought help over a six month period. The cognitive ability of these individuals was tested both before and after brain training.

After completing BrainRX® custom tailored brain-based training, auditory processing skills improved an average of 27 percentile points. The average gain in cognitive skill performance was 3.6 years. Additionally, participant IQ scores improved by an average of 13 standard points. The results were undeniable.

What is ReadRx®?

ReadRx® is an innovative sound-to-code spelling and reading intervention designed for ages six to adult. ReadRx® includes all BrainRx® procedures, auditory processing training, plus basic and complex code reading training.

The first half of ReadRx® focuses on the common deficiencies associated with reading difficulties: long-term memory, short-term memory, processing speeds, and auditory processing. The second half of the program builds on that foundation with advanced reading and spelling training.

Skills strengthened by ReadRx®:

  • Long-term memory – allows children and adults to retain information after learning it, such as words for spelling tests and taking notes.
  • Auditory processing – empowers the brain to blend, analyse, and segment sounds which are critical for successful reading.
  • Spelling sounds and awareness – the ability to identify and manipulate sounds, and understand how individual sounds work together in spoken words.
  • Processing speed – speed processing allows the brain to perform tasks quickly and efficiently.
  • Word attack (decoding) – Decoding is the process of translating symbols into language. Word attack is the process of applying sound-letter correspondence rules to decode new words.
  • Working memory – allows individuals to retain information while they’re using it.
  • Comprehension – the ability to define, understand and connect meaning to written or spoken language.
  • Reading fluency – the ability to quickly and efficiently read simple sentences with expression.

ReadRx® Results

In a study conducted among 6,460 clients in the core skills necessary for reading comprehension, the results were astounding! The cognitive ability of these individuals was tested both before and after ReadRx® training. The results were not only astounding, but also quantifiable!

Participants experienced an average gain of 30 percentile points in sound awareness, 17 percentile points in word attack (decoding), 12 percentile points in spelling sounds, 15 percentile points in comprehension, and 12 percentile points in reading fluency. Additionally, participants experienced gains in confidence and self-esteem.

The Brain Workshop and ReadRX®

Whether you have a child struggling with reading comprehension or are an adult suffering professionally due to learning difficulties, the professionals at the Brain Workshop can help. As a certified BrainRX® center, we offer the best in personalised brain-based training for individuals ages 6 to adult. ReadRX® is designed to help individuals overcome their struggles with reading comprehension, spelling, memory and much more.

Be sure to check back in a few weeks. As we launch our new ReadRX® program, we’ll be sharing more information about BrainRX® and ReadRX®. In the meantime, if you have any questions, we’d love to hear from you!

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