Learning Skills Screener

Does your child show the warning signs of a cognitive skills weakness?

Many parents are concerned about their child’s academic performance.
Answer these 30 questions and begin to discover his/her cognitive skill weaknesses – and strengths!


Start Here!

Rank each statement. Compared to kinds the same age and gender, this behavior occurs______
in my son/daughter.

0. Less often OR doesn’t apply to the age of this person
1. At about the same
2. Slightly more
3. Considerably more
4. Significantly more

Please put your response in the circle.

    1. Distracted by other activities

    2. Reading is slow

    3. Poor reading comprehension

    4. Often asks to have things repeated

    5. Poor sense of direction or reading maps

    6. Difficulty understanding stories or jokes

    7. Has difficulty maintaining attention

    8. Slow, deliberate speech

    9. Makes spelling errors in written assignments

    10. Has difficulty remembering telephone numbers

    11. Jigsaw puzzles are difficult or avoided

    12. Poor at or avoids games like chess and checkers

    13. Has difficulty organizing activities

    14. Writing assignments take a long time

    15. Has difficulty sounding out unknown words

    16. Needs to look multiple times when copying

    17. Misreads similar words

    18. Takes a while to catch on to new things

    19. Has difficulty doing things at once

    20. Takes a long time to complete tasks

    21. Oral reading is slow or choppy

    22. Difficulty following verbal directions

    23. Poor at dislikes drawing

    24. Doesn't like card games

    25. Is impulsive

    26. Avoids or has difficulty with video games

    27. Needs words repeated whrn taking spelling tests

    28. Has diffculty recalling stories and jokes

    29. Has difficulties with word math problems

    30. Has problems seeing big picture


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    did you know

    Research shows that 80% of academic difficulties are cause by the weakness in one or more cognitive skills.

    If your child is not reaching their potential, is a cognitive skill weakness the reason?

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