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Teenagers may agree that pressure comes from left, right, above and below. Keeping up the pace of studies, expectations from parents and peer pressure from your social circle means a lot of stress. Add to this the worry about what to do in the future.

Join us for a workshop where you will learn:

• To let go of the stress and take control of your future
• How to do this with a unique approach to personal development using something we all carry in our pocket – our phone
• Oskar, founder of the smartphone coaching system will show you how to use your phone to set, track, and achieve your goals

Oskar Andermo

The Teenager’s Guide To Success

With more than a decade of experience, Dubai-based Oskar Andermo has worked with clients around the world as a Certified Coach, Mental Trainer and NLP Practitioner.

At the age of 18 one of his teachers taught him a simple strategy. This changed the course of his life. To give back, and for years he’s been sharing this experience with teenagers and youth in the UAE and Europe, to inspire them to dream big. And helping them utilize the technology they have on hand to their benefit and to plan for their future

As an entrepreneur, he has launched and maintains several websites, arranges an annual Scandinavian skiing competition in Dubai, and has held numerous roles within hospitality. Apart from working as business coach he is also the Regional VP for Helmsbriscoe in the Middle East.

As Founder & CEO of Chikara Consulting, Oskar provides clients with coaching, seminars and innovative personal development products—working to strengthen individuals, teams and market presence for brands that want to become more established in the Middle East.

In addition, he is Founder of the Smartphone Coaching System, a coaching methodology that mixes coaching with technology. In hand, Oskar is the author of “Smartphone Coaching System,” which outlines tools and strategies to find greater success in business by utilizing you smartphone.

In 2014 he launched a new unique seminar – setting goals in the desert. Here you get the chance to reflect on your past, present and future. In nature your mind opens up and you can dream bigger goals.

Oskar is also a sought-after professional speaker, and the locale’s only Business Coach who is himself responsible for a multi-million dollar business.

Originally from Sweden, he has lived in more than a half-dozen countries. Oskar has resided in Dubai since 2007. He earned a Bachelor’s degree in Hospitality from the IHTTI School of Hotel Management in Switzerland.






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