Aditi Nath

Aditi Nath

Cognitive Training Director

Brain health and development expert with a background in Mental Health and Psychiatric Research, Aditi focuses on the overall quality of cognitive training and the enrichment of the training faculty. With a keen eye in identifying gaps, deficiencies, and inadequacies in the cognitive profile of the students and clients, Aditi provides tailormade training programs that not only improves the quality of cognition, but also the overall quality of daily performance, behaviours and emotions.


  • BSc Psychology with Human Resource Management Honours
  • MSc Mental Health and Psychiatric Research King’s College London
  • Research Assistant Institute of Psychology, Psychiatry and Neuroscience KCL London
  • Gibson Trained and Certified since 2015
  • BrainRx, ReadRx and AccelerateRx

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We are caring professionals devoted to working one-on-one with individuals who struggle with learning or those who desire maximum learning skill enhancement.


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