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The Brain Workshop – We help overcome the hurdles

We understand how difficult life can get if you have a learning disability. As a child it can start with the trouble to process and understand new or complex information. It can be the reason a child lags behind in learning new skills. Eventually it can affect a person’s quality of life.

Brain Workshop can help turn things around! Our experts can accurately pinpoint the real reason behind the learning disability. This helps in creating the strategies to overcome the delays in the learning curve.

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Kanishka’s mom says

The journey has definitely been good for Kanishka, as it brought good changes in her. Her confidence, her will to work and conquer, her eagerness to explore, and has become more of extrovert. She has turned into my little grown up. I look forward to more changes with positive energy, ...
Kanishka’s Mother says

Mohsen says

The first time I heard about The Brain Workshop 4 months ago, I was skeptical whether these programs offered by the workshop would do me any good or not. At that time, I was an individual with the least trust on my brain which was affecting my self-confidence massively. I was ...
Mohsen says

Laure, Vianney’s mum says

Vianney had always found school–and life in general– a big struggle; his self-esteem was extremely low and being the middle child of a family of five children did not help. His behaviour at school was always a problem; with a very short attention span, he was very quick at ...
Laure, Vianney’s mum says

Aryan says

My experience at the Brain Workshop was interesting I had a few ups and downs but over all I really enjoyed my experience there and my teachers were very helpful and always so happy. The Brain Workshop helped me a lot in my school exams and tests. They also helped ...
Aryan says

Dana’s mom says

Our story with the Brain Workshop started when my daughter’s teacher informed us that she is having problems in the school, as she cannot concentrate for a long period and she is very slow. Her father and I started to look for solutions; while I was searching on the ...
Dana’s mom says

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