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Cognitive Assessment

The first thing we do when you come to The Brain Workshop for help is have you, your child or your employee do a comprehensive Cognitive Skills Assessment. This professional assessment is based on years of research and accurately measures individual cognitive or learning and reading skills.

The test takes about an hour, and shows us exactly which cognitive skills are weak and which are strong.

We focus our testing and analysis on specific areas that are strongly related to learning and performance whether at school, university, on the job, or in other areas of life. These skills include:

  • Memory Skills: The ability to retrieve and retain information
  • Attention: The ability to attend to and stay on task
  • Processing Speed: The ability to handle information with ease and speed
  • Logic and Reasoning: The ability to apply skills related to planning, thinking and reasoning
  • Auditory Processing: The ability to blend, segment, and analyze sounds
  • Visual Processing: The ability to create and manipulate pictures in your mind

After The Brain Workshop brain training, a second assessment is taken to measure change in cognitive skills.

Cognitive scores are represented in three forms:

Age Equivalent Scores, these can be used up to the age of about 16 and indicate how one individual’s scores compare with the average scores of other age groups.

Standard Scores, which indicate how far above or below average an individual score falls,

Percentile Scores, indicate where an individual would rank in a group of 100 clients. Percentile scores, the scores we focus on the most, show how someone ranks in performance when compared to 100 of their peers. If someone ranked in the 38th percentile before The Brain Workshop brain training, and in the 59th percentile six months later, he or she has “moved up in line” by 21 places. In other words, they have improved by 21 percentile points. When gains are measured in percentiles, through a post training Cognitive skills assessment you can see what has been accomplished, get a clear picture of how that client is performing in relation to their peers, and make informed decisions about what interventions may still be needed.



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