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About The Brain Workshop

We are caring professionals devoted to working one-on-one with individuals who struggle with learning or those who desire maximum learning skill enhancement. We are trainers armed with compassion, powerful cognitive skills, testing and training tools that can literally transform learning weaknesses into strengths. We partner with concerned parents to produce rapid, lasting, guaranteed results for students of all ages and abilities. We also develop the skills of professionals who desire to excel in their work place.

As Managing Partners of The Brain Workshop, it is our own personal experience with Brain Training that led us to be part of this pioneering field. As first-hand witnesses to the great life changing impact that Brain Training produces, we are sound believers of our ever changing brains and the power that we all possess within.

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Dr. Ken Gibson

About Dr. Ken Gibson,
Founder of BrainRx

Dr Ken Gibson is a passionate Education Pioneer. It is his life experiences that were behind his determination to form what is now a leading cognitive skill training network. He combined 30 successful years of clinical research to help people overcome learning struggles and embark on a journey of success.

For many years, Dr. Gibson has devoted himself to the development of programs that can effectively measure and train cognitive learning skills. Over half a dozen practical new applications for cognitive skills testing and training have been developed and are in use in many countries around the world today.

Dr. Ken Gibson’s Testimonial

I struggled to read all through my school years. Back then, so little was known about the causes behind learning and reading struggles that I was essentially on my own. Today, I would be labeled dyslexic. Many of my other cognitive skills were strong. When I began my professional career I learned that I wasn’t unique in my reading struggles. Thousands of others struggled to learn and read.

With the continuing advancements in research and new training available from our centers all across the country, enduring the struggles that I endured as a child, is simply no longer necessary. I invite you to take a look at what The Brain Workshop offers and contact us. I am excited, and certain that we can help.

To your learning success,


Ken Gibson


Kanishka’s mom says

The journey has definitely been good for Kanishka, as it brought good changes in her. Her confidence, her will to work and conquer, her eagerness to explore, and has become more of extrovert. She has turned into my little grown up. I look forward to more changes with positive energy, ...
Kanishka’s Mother says

Mohsen says

The first time I heard about The Brain Workshop 4 months ago, I was skeptical whether these programs offered by the workshop would do me any good or not. At that time, I was an individual with the least trust on my brain which was affecting my self-confidence massively. I was ...
Mohsen says

Laure, Vianney’s mum says

Vianney had always found school–and life in general– a big struggle; his self-esteem was extremely low and being the middle child of a family of five children did not help. His behaviour at school was always a problem; with a very short attention span, he was very quick at ...
Laure, Vianney’s mum says

Aryan says

My experience at the Brain Workshop was interesting I had a few ups and downs but over all I really enjoyed my experience there and my teachers were very helpful and always so happy. The Brain Workshop helped me a lot in my school exams and tests. They also helped ...
Aryan says

Dana’s mom says

Our story with the Brain Workshop started when my daughter’s teacher informed us that she is having problems in the school, as she cannot concentrate for a long period and she is very slow. Her father and I started to look for solutions; while I was searching on the ...
Dana’s mom says

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