Everyday Brain Exercise to Keep Your Mind Sharp

You are never too old to challenge and shape your brain! Regardless of your age, new and complex activities are great brain exercises. Benefits to challenging your brain include improved memory, focus, mood, and much more. What is Brain Awareness Week? The Brain Awareness Campaign is a worldwide celebration of the brain that brings together […]

Tips for Improving Your Brain Health in 2018

We are all familiar with the tried and true News Year’s mantra of “new year, new you.” After all, a new year offers an opportunity to usher in healthy habits for diet, exercise, and a healthy lifestyle. What we don’t hear much about is how to promote brain health. What better time to kick it […]

Overcoming Reading Struggles and Dyslexia with ReadRX®

Reading is a complex process. The process of reading requires our brains to connect sounds to letters. Once we connect those sounds, we must place those sounds in the correct order, drawing words together into sentences and paragraphs we can comprehend and read.   Individuals struggling with reading comprehension often feel frustrated, ashamed, and alone. […]

The Importance of Mindful Parenting

Being in the moment with our children can prove challenging in today’s modern age of parenting. It’s easy to become wrapped up in the daily stresses of life and work. One of the hardest struggles every parent faces is being present. Between work, life obligations, mobile phones and other smart devices, it’s easy to get […]

ReadRX® Personalised Brain Based Training: What You Need to Know

ReadRX® is a customised, brain-based learning program designed to treat the root of the problem, promoting neurological growth to help individuals struggling with reading and spelling comprehension, dyslexia, and more.   Working with a certified brain trainer reinforces the neurological connections and pathways that make reading possible. Individualised brain-based training improves reading comprehension and retention. […]

ReadRX® Personalised Brain Based Training for Reading Difficulties

If you or your loved ones struggle with reading comprehension or other reading difficulties, you are not alone. To varying degrees, approximately 10% of the world’s population struggles with reading comprehension. To put this into perspective, one out of every ten individuals in the UAE struggles with reading.   As unsettling as a this is, […]

Boost Adult Cognitive Power: How to Train Your Brain

Do you find yourself struggling with interview skills and cognitive skills tests? Are these struggles holding you back from achieving your high-level promotions and professional goals? The good news is that it’s never too late to boost your cognitive abilities.   As we age, our cognitive ability declines, our processing speeds slow, and our working […]

Cognitive Skills and Mindset: How to Promote a Growth Mindset

Not so long ago, we were all under the impression that once we reached the ripe old age of twenty, our brains were finished developing. Perhaps the most exciting news in the parenting area over the last decade is the discovery of brain neuroplasticity. Like a muscle, with proper training, the brain can learn to […]

Tips to Help Your Child Beat the Back to School Butterflies

Going back to school, or starting school for the first time is an all at once exciting and nerve wracking experience for children and parents. Starting the upcoming school year off on the right path will influence your children’s confidence, attitude and performance both academically and socially. The transition from break to back to school […]

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