Advanced Learning Program

University Students

When it’s time for university admissions, the pressures that students face is tremendous. They need apply for scholarships and to get accepted to the best Universities requires quick and efficient thinking.

The average students and the struggling students are often left floundering at this juncture. But that’s where the Brain Workshop can help!

By improving skills that boost brain function, these students will be armed with the extra time and efficiency they need to succeed. Taking SAT, ACT and other preparation exams can be tough, yet through repetitive, high-intensity training from The Brain Workshop, all students, including advanced students, can cope and excel in these exams.

Having secured a spot in the university of your choice, means that your journey is just starting. Coping with demands of course work, social interactions, athletic and cultural activities, and planning for the future of your dreams is a never ending and always evolving combination of tasks that requires your brain to be functioning up to it’s potential.

The Brain Workshop training is structured in a way that allows university students to sharpen cognitive skills, including critical thinking and processing skills so they can succeed in university and be ready for the vast world that lays ahead.

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