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It begins with strengthening the brain skills that make it easier to think, learn and remember. Weak cognitive skills turn homework into a nightmare because weak brain skills can make it harder to pay attention in class, fully grasp written or verbal instructions, focus while trying to complete an assignment at school or at home, and work quickly through assignments. Brain training addresses and corrects weak cognitive skills, providing a life-changing solution for homework struggles.


Many parents wonder: “Does my daughter have tools to learn easily? Will my son ever focus or comprehend material without me constantly by his side?”

It’s no longer enough to get good grades. The demands of sports, work, college-prep, and more only make fast efficient thinking a necessity

Unlike tutoring, The Brain Workshop’s intense brain training exercises improve skills that boost brain function; the students gain the extra skill and efficiency needed to succeed—regardless of their current academic level.

It’s a bold approach but improving cognitive efficiency allows our learning experts to create a personal strategy that can restore your child’s love of learning and make homework easier.

If your child is experiencing hours of homework, repeated frustration, declining self-esteem, or if he or she dislikes school, please act now.

Cognitive skills testing and training identifies root causes of the homework and learning struggles—and overcomes them. Increased cognitive skills strength translates into an increased ability to learn and read; attitude, confidence, self-esteem, and grades all improve

One simple question:

Are weak cognitive skills causing your student’s homework struggles?

The Brain Workshop excels in helping parents provide the tools their children need to successfully conquer the frustration and stress that often surrounds homework. Here’s why:

Fact: Students who need homework help , who struggle with excessive homework do so for a reason. Too much homework or taking too long to complete it are often signs of potential underlying learning skills weaknesses.

Fact: Individual cognitive skills weaknesses are the most likely reason. Specific underlying learning skills are absolutely necessary for easy, successful learning. If skills weaknesses remain hidden, students have to work too hard to learn. Professional skills testing can pinpoint WHY your child may struggle.

Fact: Cognitive skills can be improved and strengthened for life. One-on-one training with a professional trainer and simple at-home follow-up is HOW your child’s underlying skills can grow.

One simple answer:

Have your child’s skills tested.

Professional cognitive skills testing from The Brain Workshop is the best way to pinpoint the exact cause of any learning problem— homework struggles are no exception. The Brain Workshop testing can also uncover unrealized potential in advanced students looking for a competitive edge.

We promise parents the most accurate information possible using internationally respected skills, achievement, and reading tests. In the post-test consultation, you’ll discover exactly how your child learns, if he or she struggles (and why), and the steps you can take to see dramatic improvement this year.

If your son or daughter would benefit from stronger cognitive skills, we guarantee we can make a positive change.

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