Improve Child Attention Span

Improve Attention

Based on neuro-scientific research, attention is a cognitive skill set that can be improved and developed. Neuroscience shows us that brain training targets and stimulates the underactive region of the brain responsible for the characteristics of inattention (the prefrontal cortex) attention level can be developed, resulting in an improved attention span for kids.

Children and adults with ADHD/ADD benefit in many ways from our program, as they experience life-changing improvements.

People with Attention Problems like ADD & ADHD

There is no need for your son or daughter to struggle any longer. Eliminating attention difficulties is now possible thanks to a number of corrective measures available at the Brain Workshop. Unlike conventional solutions, The Brain Workshop’s cognitive training addresses the root cause of ADHD. Other programs may treat ADD or ADHD with accommodations such as removing distractions, reducing workload, providing medication, or isolating students in quiet areas. Yet ADHD and ADD are complex with no single treatment solution. Research proves, however, that the best approach to actually overcome ADHD symptoms must include training exercises that build attention skills while exposing the student to structured, distracting stimuli—the opposite approach of typical strategies.

The Brain Workshop’s intense, targeted cognitive skills training is designed to improve concentration for kids and adults through strengthening attention skills rapidly. Our patented programs strengthen the key parts of the brain your child needs for improved attention. Results are real and measurable.

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