Improve Math

The Brain Workshop Program to Improve Math

The Brain Workshop trains the cognitive skills needed to efficiently and effectively develop numerical fluency, learn math concepts, solve problems, and perform calculations, this allows them to learn math fast and minimize math homework help

Skills such as processing speed, memory, visual processing, and logic & reasoning are vital when learning math. Not to forget auditory processing necessary in reading and comprehending word math problems

A child with weakness in any of these skills, will suffer with either understanding the concept, doing mental math, deciphering word math problems, remembering multiplication tables, finishing their math assignments in time, and other problems that they could potentially face.

Unlike Tutoring, brain training looks into all skills needed for a child to learn and master math concepts, and perform operations in a fast and easy way, pin points the weakness ( if any) and strengths through testing , and the one-on-one training is customized to strengthen these skills found to be weak and are hindering the child’s ability to learn and do math.

And for the advanced students, improving their skills will further develop their mathematical capabilities, and learn math fast abilities

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